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Concrete leveling is important for maintaining your concrete structures. Soil erosion beneath the concrete can lead to settling and uneven slabs. We specialize in “slabjacking” — a procedure which lifts concrete by pumping grout in below it.


Sealing concrete is crucial for protecting your concrete slabs. Without sealing, water can slip into microscopic cracks and spaces in the concrete, freeze, and then form bigger cracks. Without sealing, other liquids, such as oil, salt, and fertilizer, can stain the concrete.

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RESIDENTIAL & Commercial

Slabmasters of Ohio Concrete Leveling has more than a decade of experience working on concrete projects both for residential and commercial buildings. Whether you need a project done for your home or your business, you can call us.

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Slabmasters of Ohio Concrete Leveling is your go-to shop for all of your concrete maintenance needs, specializing in leveling and sealing.

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